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How To Deal With Braces

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If you are going to be getting braces, you may be nervous about how it's going to be to have them on. You may worry how braces will affect your social and work life. You may also worry about the discomfort associated with wearing braces. You'll be glad to know that braces aren't as painful as you may think and they shouldn't affect your social or work life. You will want to be prepared for how they feel and learn how to properly care for them. This article will provide you with important information to help you learn how to cope with your new hardware.

How braces will feel

The first couple of weeks are going to be the worst. However, the pain should be minimal to just a small amount of irritation. The worst part will be getting used to the feeling of constantly having a foreign object in your mouth and you will get used to this quicker than you would expect. Some over-the-counter pain reliever should be all you need to deal with the discomfort.

You want to make sure you keep the dental wax your orthodontist gave you with you at all times. When you start to feel your braces rubbing on the inside of your cheek or lip, be sure to put some wax on the braces. You will roll a small amount into a little ball with your fingers and push it onto the spot that's rubbing. This wax is going to be a real lifesaver. It will stop you from developing painful sores and cuts.

After a couple of weeks, you will start to notice that you forget you even have braces. You'll be used to eating with them, talking with them and seeing yourself with them on in the mirror. The discomfort will be gone and you won't have to use the dental wax anymore.

How to take care of your braces

When you have braces it is very important for you to keep them free of food particles. Food can get trapped and lead to more dental issues such as staining, cavities and even gum disease. This is why you need to be sure you brush your teeth and braces after each meal, including snacks.

There is a special type of dental flow that's made for braces. Carry this floss with you so you have it when you need it. If you have food caught you can use the floss. Otherwise, you should floss at least one time a day before you go to bed. Contact Area Dental Associates - Comfortable Family and General Dentistry for more information.