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Learn About Correct Uses Of Baby Pacifiers And What Dental Risks They Pose

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Pacifiers can be a big help when you have a fussy baby. However, they can also become a problem if you aren't careful. While giving your baby a pacifier when they are having a hard time going to sleep can help calm them down, giving your baby a pacifier any time they are fussy can easily lead to them being dependent on it for comfort. This article will offer you advice on how to use a pacifier correctly, as well as provide you with information on potential dental problems that can happen from too much use.

When your baby should be given a pacifier

You can give the pacifier to your baby when you are trying to get them to go to sleep and they are being fussy. As long as they have been fed and changed, the fussiness may be due to them needing a little extra security and a pacifier can be helpful in this area. Once your baby is sound asleep, you can gently pull it out of their mouth.

You can also give your baby the pacifier any time they are over stimulated. It can help calm them down. One example of when it can be used for this purpose is if you have had the baby out visiting family and friends. Your baby may feel overwhelmed and this can cause them to become agitated and need a little extra comfort. The pacifier should only be used in extreme cases where you know the baby was overstimulated, not offered to them any time they are out of their element; this can lead to them becoming overly dependent on it.

When your baby shouldn't be given a pacifier

You shouldn't give your baby a pacifier when they are fussy. By giving them a pacifier every time they start to fuss, you are not helping them learn how to self-soothe. This can make it hard for you to wean them off the pacifier.

You also want to make sure you aren't giving them a pacifier simply because it's there. A lot of people get in the habit of assuming their baby wants a pacifier when they aren't even showing signs of wanting it.

Dental problems caused by pacifier usage

When your baby has a pacifier in their mouth a lot, it can cause constant pressure against the roof of their mouth near where their front teeth will come in. Once their teeth start coming in, they can grow outward instead of straight down. This can lead to your child developing teeth that need correction in order to straighten them out.

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