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Tooth Whitening Options

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There are several options for tooth whitening. Here are some of the most common choices 

Home Tooth Whitening Products

Many products have come on the market that claim to give consumers the opportunity to whiten their teeth at home. They often use the same chemicals that professional dental whitening uses but in much smaller quantities to prevent the hazards of overuse. Whitening strips are one common option that has users put plastic strips over their teeth to apply the whitening chemicals. Some toothpastes are also marketed as whitening options, which sounds appealing because it allows people to whiten their teeth a little bit every day. 

While some people can have good results if they are consistent about applying these treatments, the prolonged tooth whitening procedure definitely takes a lot more time and patience than a dental teeth whitening. With a dental procedure, the chemicals are applied at a high concentration for a short time to quickly penetrate the tooth's enamel. This can be a big time saver for many people, and it allows them to get good results right away. 

Teeth Whitening Kiosks

The next option to consider is tooth whitening kiosks. You might see these available at your local mall or in airports, for instance. This type of tooth whitening is often done with a whitening pen that allows the person to apply whitening solution to a specified area. 

This can be an interesting option if you are looking to have the whitening procedure done by someone with more experience, but you don't want to spring for the full dental whitening procedure. However, these kiosks can be hit-or-miss in terms of quality. You can also get over the counter whitening pens and do the procedure yourself. You may luck out and get someone with a lot of experience, or you may get a technician with no more skill than yourself. 

Dental Teeth Whitenings

The dental tooth whitenings are highly recommended if you can afford the cost of getting your whitening done professionally. Your family dentist can create a whitening tray that is contoured to your mouth, so that you can whiten your teeth in comfort. The chemicals that the dentist applies will be highly concentrated, and your entire whitening appointment may take only an hour or so. The family dentist may also do a quick cleaning or checkup at the same time that you are getting the teeth whitened. For many patients, it is worth the extra cost to take out the hassle and ensure a high quality job. Click for more information.