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Come on, Baby, Don't Fear the...Dentist! Useful Tips for Dental Phobia

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Some people are terrified of spiders. There are folks who are petrified of heights. And then there are people like you who are left in terror when they have to visit the dentist. Even though some people scoff at the idea of being frightened of the healthcare provider trained to care for your teeth, dental phobia is a real thing, and it is a really scary thing if you are the poor patient who gets freaked out at the mere idea. Because taking care of your smile is such an important part of a good overall health plan, finding a way to battle this ominous phobia is a must for your well-being. Here are two tricks that may help you overcome your fear of the dentist. 

Have the dentist's receptionist call you when they can see you. 

Most of the time, you place a call and schedule your appointment, show up, and then spend some time waiting your turn—all the while watching others go in for treatment and possibly even shifting in your seat, counting the steps to get back out the front door. The fact is, the longer you have to wait in the environment where you are afraid of what's coming, the more likely it will be that you change your mind. If you explain your phobia to the receptionist when you call and make an appointment, they will be completely understanding of your situation most of the time. One way they can help is by scheduling your appointment and then giving you a quick call when it's your turn. This allows you to wait in the car until it is time to actually go in for treatment.  

Ask the dentist if you can have your eyes covered during treatment. 

It may sound absurd to sit in the dentist's chair in a pair of blacked-out glasses or wearing a blindfold, but this is one way to help you overcome your fear of what's happening. A lot of people who are afraid of the dentist are not necessarily fearful of the professional treating them but of the tools that professional is using in their mouth. Therefore, if you cannot see what is taking place, it can make you feel better about the situation. Likewise, if it is the noise of dental drills and the like that rattles your nerves, ask the dentist whether you could be allowed to wear earphones with music playing during your treatment. 

Make an appointment with a dentist such as C. James Goodwin, DDS, PLLC and try out some of these tricks so that you can get the healthcare you need.