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Want To Restore Your Smile? 3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures To Consider

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More than ever, people are turning to cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore the function and appearance of their teeth and smiles, respectively. While these types of procedures are 100 percent optional, cosmetic dentistry treatments are often considered essential by many individuals because they restore one's smile back to its original state. After all, if you were to ask someone what a healthy smile looks like, he or she would likely respond that a healthy smile is one that is white and straight. This is why most individuals tend to use cosmetic dentistry treatments, like those described below, to correct unsightly issues like enamel loss, stains, cracks, chips, and gaps.

#1 – Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening. This procedure is generally easy, quick, and inexpensive. If the only problem with your smile is discoloration, then teeth whitening can improve the overall appearance of your smile—often by several shades in just one appointment. The overall process is non-invasive and completely safe.

Now, you can choose to use over-the-counter products to whiten your teeth at home, but you will achieve better, longer-lasting results by having a professional cosmetic dentist perform the treatment. However, you can have your dentist provide you with at-home treatments if you are unable to make an in-office appointment.

#2 – Porcelain Veneers

If the stains on your teeth have gotten to the point that teeth whitening simply cannot improve the aesthetics of your smile or you are dealing with cracks and chips, worn enamel, or spacing issues, then you may want to consider porcelain veneers. Your natural teeth need minimal preparation before a few thin layers of ceramic will be used to replace your enamel in order to create a beautiful smile.

#3 – Invisible Braces

Crooked teeth can do a lot of damage to your self-esteem and confidence; unfortunately, metal braces don't help much, either. Luckily, invisible braces can help you get straight teeth with others hardly noticing that you have anything on your teeth. It is important to understand that invisible braces, such as Invisalign, are relatively higher than traditional metal braces, but for most people, it is worth the additional cost to not have to deal with the negative comments from other individuals.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, invisible braces, or any other cosmetic dentistry procedure, reach out to a dental office like Dental Implant & Cosmetic, PC.