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How To Heal After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removal As An Adult

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You need to get your wisdom teeth out as an adult, which can be more of an invasive procedure as you get older than if you were to have had your wisdom teeth taken out as a teen. Most people get their wisdom teeth taken out at a younger age when they first start to erupt before they begin to get crowded and painful, but for one reason or another, you might still have yours.

Getting your wisdom teeth out as an adult can mean greater healing times, so take the advice you'll learn here and from your dentist to help your recovery be a success. If you have any swelling, fever, or severe pain following your tooth extraction procedure, call your dentist right away.

Don't smoke or use tobacco

Smoking causes you to suck your cheeks in, which can make the pockets where your wisdom teeth once were lose their natural blood clots. Known as dry socket, this condition exposes nerves and tissue and can not only be painful but lead to infection. Don't smoke after you get your wisdom teeth taken out or use chewing tobacco or a vape.

Tobacco and nicotine use can cause your newly-treated mouth to become infected or prone to bacteria, so stick to any dentist's orders and stay away from the habit until you've healed.

Don't drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol can give you the false impression that your mouth feels better than it does, causing you to accidentally chew on hard foods or overdo it. Alcohol also interferes with any medications you are taking to manage the pain or infection prevention you have, so don't use alcohol until your mouth has healed and you are no longer taking any prescriptions related to your wisdom teeth removal.

Don't overdo it

As an adult who's just had dental surgery or a major procedure, you still have to go to work and take care of your kids. You may also be going to school. Even if you have to put your life on hold for a few days, take this time to rest your mouth and heal from your dental work. You will be able to keep your body free of stress, which will actually allow you to heal more successfully. Make arrangements before you get your wisdom teeth extractions so you can take a few days off work and have someone watch your kids so you have time to recover successfully, even if it's just a single day.