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Don't Fall For These Root Canal Myths

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Just the words "root canal" can create all sorts of less-than-positive connotations in the mind. You might want to consider, however, that this very common dental procedure is getting an unfair rep. It would be a pity for those who could benefit from this simple procedure to put it off due to misconceptions. Read on to find out more about this procedure and set the record straight on some old and useless myths.

What Happens With a Root Canal?

This procedure is a tooth-saver – literally. If your dental professional is able to preserve a natural tooth, then that is always better than any alternative. The decayed part of a tooth must be removed and a root canal does that and more. The pulp of the tooth is the part that causes you to feel the pain that comes with a cavity. You don't need the pulp and its removal brings instant pain relief. A root canal should be thought of as a deep cleaning and removal of the bad stuff that can cause pain and gum diseases.

Root Canals Don't Cause Infections – They Circumvent Them

Many people are under the impression that a root canal will cause an infection to ravage your body and cause permanent ill effects. Make no mistake about it--infections are very bad, and an infection in your gums can lead to more problems elsewhere. It's also true that a root canal is a type of dental surgery, and all surgeries can put a patient at risk for an infection. However, if you needed open heart surgery, would you turn down the procedure because of the chances of infection? A tooth that is allowed to fester with an infection can lead to an infection in your brain. Root canals circumvent that problem by clearing out the stuff that allows infections to happen. Furthermore, safety and sterilization procedures ensure that no outside bacteria will enter the gum.

Root Canals Are Excruciatingly Painful

So many people feel this way that the mere thought of a root canal makes them fearful and anxious. Often, they are so anxious that the root canal is postponed for far too long and the tooth can longer be preserved. You might want to ask yourself why you would put up with an aching tooth to avoid a procedure that is painless with the use of anesthesia. Modern pain relief solutions provide you and the dental professional with many choices, and one of them is sure to suit.

Your local dental care services can alleviate your fears and answer your questions about root canal procedures today. Don't suffer due to the above root canal myths.