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Pediatric Dental Care Notions Corrected

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When it comes to being a first-time parent, learning about the various dental needs your child will have can be an enlightening and overwhelming experience. You may be able to help reduce the complexities of this aspect of raising a child after you have some false ideas concerning pediatric dental care refuted.

Myth: A Cracked Adolescent Tooth Is Only A Problem If It Is Causing Pain

It is a reality that children can be extremely likely to crack or chip their teeth. Often, this will occur when the child is playing with friends or accidentally trips and falls. Additionally, your child may have a preference for hard candies and other foods that can put their teeth at a higher risk of suffering this damage. Depending on the way that the crack or chip formed, your child may not experience much pain from this problem, and it can be easy to overlook this damage if it occurred to an adolescent tooth. However, it is still necessary to have it treated as bacteria can infect the tooth. As a result, you should have your child's dentist apply a filling or sealant to the damaged area of the tooth to prevent this type of complication.

Myth: It Is Unsafe For A Teenager To Have Their Teeth Whitened

As your child enters their teenage years, they may become increasingly self-conscious of their appearance. For some teens, this may be one of the first times that they come to terms with the stains caused by previous dental neglect. While these teenagers may want to have their teeth whitened, there are parents that will automatically assume that this procedure will be harmful to their child's young teeth. Yet, a professionally administered whitening procedure can be perfectly safe for individuals of any age as long as all of their adult teeth have fully grown into their positions.

Myth: All Mouthguards Provide The Same Type Of Protection

For a child that is athletically active, sports events and practices can be among the riskiest times for their teeth. During these activities, collisions with other athletes or sports equipment can be very damaging to the teeth. While mouthguards will greatly limit the amount of damage these impacts can inflict, it is important to realize the importance of having a properly fitted mouth guard. Your child's dentist will be able to mold a mouthguard so that it perfectly fits your child's teeth. This will provide the maximum protection while ensuring your child is comfortable wearing this device.

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