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Why Choose Laser Dentistry Over Other Dental Care?

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Laser dentistry is not entirely new, but it's not a dentistry care style that many patients know about. Why consider laser dental care over other types of dental care? Learn why this is something you can consider speaking to your dentist about for both you and your family.

Laser dentistry is non-invasive

In laser dentistry, a laser is used to treat a variety of dental issues instead of other more common dental tools, such as dental picks and drills. Laser dental care has been around since the late 1980s and is growing as a more popular form of dentistry since it's less invasive and considered more comfortable than traditional dental work methods.

For example, if you have a simple cavity, laser dentistry can be used to treat the area rather than traditional numbing and drilling, causing less pain and irritation to the treatment site. The laser works to kill the cavity-causing bacteria, allowing you to treat and preserve the tooth with less work.

Laser dentistry is effective

If you've ever had your teeth whitened, then you know how laser dentistry is effective. Lasers work to emit pulses of light at a target, performing a variety of tasks depending on what the goal is. You can have laser dentistry done if you need work on your gums to reshape your gum line or if you have an infection in your mouth that is resistant to other treatments.

Laser dentistry requires less anesthesia

If you are sensitive to needles or anesthesia or other numbing agents when you have dental work done, then laser dentistry is an option you can consider. Some treatments that utilize laser dental care don't require any numbing or sedation, allowing you to get your dental work done and go back to work or home with ease.

Laser dentistry is also considered to be safe and is approved by the FDA for use in patients. Consider a dentist who uses laser dental care for many of your oral health needs, and see the difference in how you feel after your care than you do from traditional dental care techniques.

Your oral health is important, and so is ensuring that you have access to quality dental care. If you have been considering laser dentistry for a while, now is the time to check with your dentist to see if this type of dental care will work for your needs. As laser dentistry advances, so will your opportunities to use its technologies in your oral health needs.

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