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3 Tips to Get Your Kid Excited about His or Her Toothbrush

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If you have a little one in the house, you probably know how difficult it can be to get him or her excited about dental care. One great way to do so is to ensure that your child likes his or her toothbrush. It might seem simple, but a child who likes a toothbrush will be a lot more likely to use it regularly without a fuss. These are a few things that parents can do to help their children want to use their toothbrushes as much as possible.

1. Make Sure It's the Right Size. First and foremost, you should make sure that your child's toothbrush is the right size. Many people give their children adult-size toothbrushes that they get from the dentist or purchase in large, family-size packs, but this isn't a good idea for smaller kids. Choose a toothbrush that fits well in your child's hand; not only will it be easier for him or her to handle and maneuver around his or her small mouth, but your little one is sure to enjoy having something that is made for his or her size and age.

2. Choose a Fun, Exciting Toothbrush. You might not care what color your toothbrush is, but your child probably does. Look for a child-size toothbrush in a bright, fun color that your little one loves. Alternatively, you can look at the many toothbrushes that are available and that have cartoon characters on them. There's a good chance that your little one will get more excited about brushing if he or she can look at his or her favorite character while doing so.

Also, you should notice that children's toothbrushes do a lot of things now that they didn't in the past. For example, there are toothbrushes that play favorite songs; plus, this is handy because the song is usually timed to be the perfect length of time for your child to brush his or her teeth. Some toothbrushes also light up, which can be exciting for a little one.

3. Teach Proper Care. If your child learns how to take good care of a toothbrush, he or she might realize its importance. This means that you should teach your child how to rinse out his or her toothbrush and place it in an appropriate place to dry. Plus, this will help prevent bacteria from breeding on your little one's toothbrush.

Getting your little one excited about his or her toothbrush is a great way to promote healthy at-home dental care. With these three steps, you might find that your child is more excited about brushing his or her teeth than you ever thought he or she would be, which can help establish a good, healthy, at-home dental care routine. For more tips or to take your child in for a yearly checkup, get in touch with a dentist from a company like Dentistry For the Entire Family.