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3 Important Reasons To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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While most people opt to have their wisdom teeth removed because of the potential problems that they may cause, there are certain situations where your dentist will strongly advise that you have your wisdom teeth removed. This is often for potential health problems that can be completely avoided by the removal of your wisdom teeth. This article 3 will discuss 3 important reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed.

They Are Impacted

One reason why your dentist may advise that you have your wisdom teeth removed is if they are impacted. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, they don't have an open connection that allows them to come into your mouth. This can cause them to become inflamed and infected, and can otherwise cause you a great deal of pain. If you fear that your wisdom teeth are impacted, then your dentist can do a simple x-ray of your mouth to see the state of your wisdom teeth. If they are in fact impacted, the dentist will likely use sedation to carefully remove the wisdom teeth for you, so that they are no longer an issue for you. 

They Are Pushing Your Other Teeth Out Of Place

Another reason why you may need to get your wisdom teeth removed is if they are slowly moving your other teeth out of place. As your wisdom teeth come in, your mouth is going to naturally make room for them by overcrowding your other teeth. This can push your teeth out of place and close up any free space that you may have. Removing your wisdom teeth before they are able to grow in completely can help to stop this from happening, and can potentially save you a great deal of money on things like braces, in order to fix your teeth.

They Will Cause Damage To Your Jaw

If there is not enough room in the structure of your mouth for your wisdom teeth, they can actually cause some damage to your jaw. This is because they will try to come in, and when they are unable to, they may create pockets within your jaw. These pockets can then fill up with infection and can cause problems with your jawbone. If your dentist sees that your wisdom teeth are not going to fit into the overall structure of your mouth and jaw, then they will likely recommend having them removed as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage.