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Hate Your Adult Smile? Whiten And Straighten Today

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If you feel that people are looking at your smile or making fun of your teeth behind your back at work or in public, and you want to make the effort to change how they look, there are things to do. Even if you are an older adult, it isn't too late to have a healthy and straight white smile.

You want to make an appointment with the dentist so you can quickly make some cosmetic improvements and then discuss further benefits to improving your grin. Here are some of the things to talk about with your dental professional.

Immediate Whitening

You can go in for a check-up and start getting your teeth whitened immediately. This means that when you leave from your appointment, you're going to have an improved smile the same day. It may take multiple treatments to get your teeth as white as desired. Talk with your dental professional to find out what you can do about bad stains and problem areas.

Deep Tissue and Teeth Cleaning

Have the teeth cleaned and inspected for any type of problems. You also want to have the teeth x-rayed if it's been a while since you have been to the dentist. If you have a lot of decay, the dentist may also want to do a deep tissue cleaning. This means they clean deep into the gums to treat some of the problems that you have with gingivitis and bad breath or discoloration.

Straightening Options

If you don't want to walk around wearing braces that people will notice and possibly talk about, ask about clear braces. These are mouthpieces that you wear that are clear and go over the teeth. Benefits to this straightening option include the following:

  • Fast straightening process
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Easy to continue whitening the teeth
  • Removable when needed
  • No metal poking inside the mouth
  • Can still brush and floss and get normal dental work done as needed

The clear options are great for adults because they aren't noticed and they can be taken out at any time for any reason.

There are a lot of people that don't like their teeth or smile, and it's not too late to make the change. Talk with the dental professionals and cosmetic dental specialists in your area to see what changes you can make and how you can end up loving your smile. Start with whitening and go on from there.