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5 Ways That A Children's Dentist Can Calm Anxious Child

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For a young child, a trip to the dentist can be a frightening experience. And this can make dental care a traumatic event for both parents and their children when it comes time for the next dental appointment. This is why children's dentists exist. Children's dentists also study child psychology, and this gives them the tools to work on the dental care of young children.

A pediatric or children's dentist can help to calm an anxious child in a number of ways.

1. Children's Dental Offices Are Colorful and Fun

Unlike adult dental clinics, which can be cold and uninviting to children, children's dental clinics are colorful and fun. Everything is geared toward making children feel at home. For instance, the décor will be of a theme that children love, like cartoon characters, and children may be able to play with toys or watch DVDs.

2. Children's Dentists Use Positive Reinforcement

Pediatric dentists know that children respond well to praise and encouragement. As such, whenever your child shows bravery or cooperation, the dentist will give them praise. This will help put your child at ease both before and during their dental treatment.

3. Children's Dentists Use Child-friendly Language

Children's dentists train to communicate with children specifically. This means that they will tell jokes, act silly and use body language and tone of voice that makes children feel calm and trusting.

4. Children's Dentists Demonstrate and Explain Before Using Tools

Dental tools can be scary for children. That's why children's dentists try to make their dental tools as innocuous as possible while treating a child. Before carrying out any treatment, a children's dentist will explain how a tool works and what it will do. They may even give their tools silly names to make them appear less scary.  

5. Children's Dentists Are Patient and Calm

Some children may be so nervous or anxious that they misbehave while at a dental clinic. This is something that children's dentists prepare for. For instance, if a child misbehaves and becomes uncooperative, a children's dentist will remain calm and supportive. Rather than scold a child, the dentist will attempt to win their trust and distract them by asking questions or telling jokes.

Is your child anxious about going to the dentist? Then consider using a dentist that specializes in children's dentistry. A children's dentist will ensure that your child no longer needs to fear dental care.