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Is A Dental Bridge Right For You? Find Out More

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A dental bridge is one of many options for a missing tooth. Bridges offer a quick and relatively less expensive way to bridge the gap. Read on and find out more.

Missing Teeth: More Than an Appearance Issue

When a tooth in the front is missing, it can be embarrassing to speak and smile. However, that is not all that can happen when a tooth is missing. The teeth on each side of the now-empty space can start to become loose and that can invite bacteria to enter the gums. It can happen even if you have good oral hygiene habits. Solutions like a bridge can stabilize your other teeth and prevent serious problems.

What Does a Bridge Look Like?

There are several types of bridges but all of them are designed to blend into your natural teeth. Crowns are attached to the teeth on each side of the gap, which adds more stability to them. A false tooth is then placed in the middle to fill the space.

Though it varies, the traditional bridge wires together the crowned teeth on each side to the false tooth in the middle. Some variations will have the false tooth in the middle attached to your healthy teeth on each side. That means you won't need crowns on those supporting teeth. That is an option if the teeth are in perfect condition and able to support the false tooth in the middle.

What About Implants?

Dental implants have revolutionized the way dental patients fill in missing teeth. The false tooth is permanently attached using a titanium post that is sunk into the jawbone. However, many people don't have a strong enough jawbone to support the post and the implant. Though a bone graft is an option for some, many opt instead for a bridge instead.

Using a bridge is a lot less invasive than an implant and it also takes less time to accomplish. While implant procedures can take several visits to the dentist and outpatient surgery, dental bridges won't require that much work to install.

Another consideration is cost. Dental implants can cost several thousand dollars. On the other hand, a bridge can cost considerably less. If the patient must have a bone graft prior to the implant procedure, the cost will rise quite a bit depending on the type of insurance the patient uses.

To learn more about dental bridges, speak to your dentist.