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Why Professional Tooth Whitening Is Worth Paying For

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There are several ways to go about whitening your teeth. You could go to a kiosk in the mall, use whitening strips from the pharmacy, rely on whitening toothpaste, or visit a dentist for a professional whitening treatment. Of all these options, the most expensive one is the professional whitening treatments performed in your dentist's office. But here's the thing: they are worth the cost. Here's why.

The results are more dramatic

With whitening strips or a mall whitening treatment, you might lighten your teeth a few shades at most. They'll look whiter, but chances are, they won't look dramatically different. With professional whitening treatments, the results are a lot more obvious. You'll look in the mirror afterward and see a great difference. This is because dentists can use more powerful whitening solutions than those that are available over-the-counter. These stronger bleaching agents remove the yellowish or brownish color from the teeth.

You won't have to worry about gum soreness

Do your gums ever feel sore after using at-home whitening products? This is a common issue, and it happens because you are not able to completely prevent the whitening treatment from touching your gums a little. These at-home whitening agents are not strong enough to do any serious damage, but they can still make your gums red and sore. Dentists can be far more precise when applying a whitening treatment and the physical barriers to keep it off your gums. As such, you are less likely to suffer sore gums after a professional whitening treatment.

Your dentist won't go far enough to cause enamel damage

Although the whitening treatments sold over-the-counter are generally safe, they do slowly wear away your tooth enamel. Use them too much, and you might go too far, leading to weak enamel and sensitivity. The chemicals dentists use to whiten teeth can do the same thing, but your dentist will know how far they can go without causing this damage. They'll assess the strength of your enamel before they apply the whitening treatment, and they'll only use as much as your teeth can tolerate. As such, professional whitening treatments tend to be better for your teeth in the long run, even though they are stronger.

If you want whiter teeth you can really be proud of, contact your dentist. While whitening treatments do cost more, they are worth the price and can make a dramatic difference in your life.

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