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Gum Disease Has Bigger Implications Than You Think

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For many people, gum disease seems relatively harmless. You might feel some inflammation in your mouth when you eat, but the swelling might not seem like a big deal. As a result, your dentist's suggestion that you get a deep cleaning or gum disease treatment might seem silly.

The truth is that gum disease has bigger implications for your health. These are some of the reasons why your dentist might be telling you that you need treatment for gum disease ASAP.

Gum Disease Can Lead to Heart Disease

One of the most serious implications of gum disease is that it can lead to heart disease. The bacteria from your inflamed gums can enter your bloodstream and travel to your heart, where it can cause inflammation. This inflammation can lead to a host of heart problems, including heart attacks.

Gum Disease Can Lead to a Stroke

In addition to heart disease, gum disease can also lead to a stroke. The bacteria can cause stroke in the same way it can contribute to heart disease. The inflammation from the bacteria can cause blockages in your arteries, which can lead to a stroke.

Gum Disease Can Cause Tooth Loss

Another serious implication of gum disease is tooth loss. The bacteria can cause the gums to swell and pull away from the teeth. This can lead to the teeth becoming loose and eventually falling out. You may require additional dental care, like crowns or bridges, to address this problem.

Gum Disease Can Affect Your Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, gum disease can have implications for your pregnancy. The bacteria can cause pre-term labor and babies with lower birth weights. Dental care can help to reduce the risk of gum disease during pregnancy, and it is safe to go through these treatments while you're pregnant.

Gum Disease Can Lower Your Overall Quality of Life

Finally, gum disease can lower your overall quality of life. The pain and inflammation from gum disease can make it difficult to eat, speak, and smile. This can lead to social isolation and a general decline in your quality of life. You might even lose weight due to the inability to eat many foods.

Get Dental Treatment to Fight Gum Disease

If you have gum disease, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. These are just a few of the reasons why gum disease treatment is so important. Your dentist can provide help so that you can live your best life again.

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