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Here's Why You Should Get Your Botox Injections From Your Dentist

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Since a dentist can do a lot to improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile, it's logical that this general idea of cosmetic improvement is taken further. Many clinics now offer Botox treatments too. But is receiving Botox from your dentist any different from having an injection at a cosmetic clinic?

Experience and Capability

Provided the professional administering the injections is experienced and capable, the end result of Botox treatment should be the same, no matter where you underwent treatment. That being said, there can be some advantages to having your dentist perform the work.

Your History

In treating you as a dental patient, your dentist must have an overview of your entire medical history. Relevant information should typically be obtained by a spa or other clinic prior to administering Botox injections, but your dentist already has the information.


Because you already have a history with your dentist, you'll feel confident in their abilities. Even though Botox is relatively non-invasive, it's certainly preferable to feel comfortable with the professional performing the treatment, and what's more—to know that they're a qualified medical professional.


Since your dentist must operate in a professional setting (their clinic), you know that the venue where you'll receive your injections maintains a very high standard of hygiene. After all, oral surgery (as well as a myriad of other oral procedures) is performed here. This isn't to suggest that other practitioners regularly administer Botox in unsanitary locations, but the cleanliness, sterility, and general hygiene standards of a dental clinic are already assured.

Target Site

So while there can be advantages to having your dentist administer Botox, the procedure itself is very straightforward and will be performed in the same dental chair where your dentist usually attends to your teeth. The target site will be identified, based on your areas of concern and the results you wish to achieve.

Receiving Botox

A numbing ointment can be applied to your skin if it's particularly sensitive, and then the injections are administered. Once complete, you can more-or-less go about your day as usual. There can be some short-term restrictions on exercise/strenuous activity, and alcohol consumption—in order to help the injections settle in the target area. You'll be advised to avoid rubbing or massaging your face for the same reason. But your dentist is easily contactable if you have any queries.

Ideally, the end results of Botox should be the same no matter where the injections are performed. But from a patient's point of view, it can be a more comfortable experience to have the procedure performed at their usual dental clinic. 

For more info about Botox, contact a local professional.